440mm 2 way adjustable guitar truss rod


440mm 2 way adjustable guitar truss rod

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2 way Adjustable truss rod.
Approx 440mm long, 6mm wide and 10mm deep steel truss rod.  Designed to fit in a 6mm groove routed either under the fretboard or under the skunk stripe on the back. Rod is wrapped to avoid unwanted vibration and unwanted resonance from within the neck.
Please note rod should be installed with the flat side upwards i.e. against the back of the fingerboard. There is a section on our website that describes the installation of these in greater detail. Just search for Warman Guitars on Google to find us.
These are a high quality item. Here’s what Master Luthiers Laz Gajic and John Carling ( John Birch Guitars and Gajic Guitars ) had to say about them.
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