Jazzbar bass humbucker. 13.31k, 8.56 H, 4 wire overwound  


Jazzbar bass humbucker. 13.31k, 8.56 H, 4 wire overwound

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Rock the JazzBar.
All new for spring 2016 is the Warman JazzBar. Bass ‘bucking powerhouse to drive the rhythm, blues, rock and jazz beats of your chosen style.
This pickup has a resistance of 13.31 kOhm but more importantly puts out a massive 8.56 Henries of inductance, the true measure of the the power of a pickup. Each coil has its own massive high quality ceramic bar magnet attached to the chrome rails to ensure the overwound copper wire coil is heavily saturated with the magnetic field and able to generate the full range of tons and punch required.
The wiring harness colour codes go like this.
Black = start / negative of coil 1 South
White = finish / positive of coil 1
Red = start / negative of coil 2 North
Green = finish / positive of coil 2
The pickup comes pre-wired in series with the red and white wires, that link the two coil banks, ready joined. The pickup is also wax potted, resin sealed and supplied with mounting screws.


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