Southern Belle HOT Tele Neck chrome Pickup


Warman Tele Southern Belle neck pickup. Endorsed by original Iron Maiden guitarist Bob “Angelo” Sawyer

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Warman Tele Southern Belle neck pickup.
Wound to a hotter 7,65kOhm over the standard 6 kOhm that T neck pickups are usually wound to. Coupled with a high quality ceramic base magnets with the North pole facing upwards these produce approx 2.0 Henries of inductance and are the key to the sweet powerful tone.
Black for the negative side of the coil and white for the hot lead. It adds nothing to the tone but does simplify wiring them up instead of the usual twin conductor.
These are the neck pickup of choice for original Iron Maiden guitarist Bob ‘Angelo’ Sawyer and he endorses their tone and quality. If you don’t believe us, find him on social media and he’ll tell you the same thing.
Want something a little unusual ? As this pick up doesn’t have exposed individual pole pieces it’s possible to mount it in the middle, or at the bridge position. Hell why not keep an eye on our future listings as we put more of the babies up and get a set of three on your own unique axe !!! Or wire two of them, back to back, coil tapped and phase switched for a totally awesome sound.


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