Zebras. Classic PAF looks with a hotter edge. Matched Pair neck and bridge


A pair of brand new high quality humbucking pickups with free mounting screws, springs and free cream plastic mounting rings


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A pair of brand new high quality humbucking pickups with free mounting screws, springs and free cream plastic mounting rings

We’ve taken our popular Zebra Humbucker and brought them bang up to retro date with new windings. With new spec coils and magnets for a great vintage sound but with a modern extra punch in the mids. 4 wire output lead, with additional bare earth for coil splitting and we’ve changed the baseplates back to vintage inspired brass to isolate the magnetic field around the coils for even more output and tone. As with all our pickups they are wax potted to reduce microphonics.

For a full explanation of the wire colours pleases the diagram shown.

Each pick up has six adjustable pole pieces on the black coil. The ivory coil has flat non adjutsable pole pieces. All helps keep the Classic vibe going.

Neck pick up is a warm and sweet 7.14 k-ohms with an inductance of 3.79 Henries. string spacing on this pickup is overall width of 50mm. To save you grabbing a calculator thats’ 10mm between the pole pieces.

Bridge pick up is more powerful at 13.5 k-ohms with a very healthy inductance of 7.47 Henries. Overall string spacing is 52mm which gives 10.3mm between pole pieces.

To give you some idea of the power of the pickups a DiMarzio ( TM ) Dual sound pickup with the coils in series, i.e at its most powerful setting, has an inductance of 6.4 Henry and an EMG-Select SEHG has an inductance of 4.2 Henry.

The 4 way wire output comes pre-wired as both coils in series for a quick install as humbuckers. You just need to disconnect the red and white wires that are pre-soldered to split them to individual coils. Instructions on our website for wiring these to series, parallel and coil cut all on one switch.

Our Zebra Humbuckers get consistently good reviews from our customers. Here’s a few comments we have received.

“Had expected a middle of the road / cheapish OEM copy pickup, and instead, got something which IMO aurally exceeds the Di-Marzio PAF, Lace sensor humbucker, the EMG 81 active, Gibson PAF, Orville PAF copy, Kent Armstrong humbucker and Bill Lwarence 500’s – In short I really love these Zebras” R. Brown Riverside Guitars, Bulgaria

“I’m impressed with these pickups, they really make my Marshall sing ” N.L, Cannock Staffs

“Very nice pair of Pickups, quick delivery” eBay user trakman54

“Budget design but great Les Paul / Gibson style sound” eBay user salamisausage

Overall weight of both pick ups is approx. 240g

The face of each pickup is covered with a clear protective film which needs to be removed prior to playing. Don’t laugh, it’s happened before 🙂


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