MirrorMan – Classic tone with polished looks – matched pair


A pair of brand new  high quality Warman MirrorMan humbucking pickups with  screws and springs.

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A pair of brand new  high quality Warman MirrorMan humbucking pickups with  screws and springs. The mount rings shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included.
Twin coil humbuckers wired into a 4 wire output to enable various hot rod wiring to be done to add even more to the versatile tone. You can hear them played live on Youtube if you search
Each pickup is housed within a mirror finish chrome poleless cover for a sleek and minimalist look. Each coils is scatter wound and then wax dipped. Output varies a little from pickup to pickup due to the windiong method but on average both the neck an bridge pickups produce around 3.91 Henries of inductance ( with around 8.7 kOhm resistance )
Wire colour codes as follows
Bare wire, overll chassic earth
Black – negative / start of coil 1
White – positive / finish of coil 1
Red – negative / start of coil 2
Green – positive / finish of coil 2
The pickups come ready wired with both coils running in series. A rough guide to how they connect into your guitar, as a standard humbucker, is as follows
The black and bare wire need to be connected to a common earth point, which is usually the back of one of the pots.
The red and white wires, which come pre soldered together, ar the link wires between coils 1 and 2. If you’re not doing any fancy wiring then just wrap some insulation around the wire joint, to avoid accidental shorts within the guitar, and forget about them.
The green wire, which is the overall hot out / signal  / positive ( call it what you will ) connect to either the pickup selector switch or the input lig on your volume pot, depends on how your existing wiring layout is.
The face of each pick is covered with a clear protective film which needs to be removed prior to playing. Don’t laugh, it’s happened before 🙂


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