FireBuckers – Pair of poleless Chrome mini humbuckers


Warman FireBuckers are  a twin coil mini humbucker ( 32.5mm x 70mm casing ) in a chrome poleless metal casing.

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Warman FireBucker Mini Humbucker – brand new supplied with mounting springs and screws  Sold as an identical pair, there is no technical differences between the bridge and neck pickup, other than the lead lengths, so either can be used in any position. You can also use them in 3 pickup set ups. The coils are a 4 wire output for coil tapping etc.
Flat plastic mount rings, as shown in the photo, are supplied free of charge.
Warman FireBuckers are  a twin coil mini humbucker ( 32.5mm x 70mm casing ) in a chrome poleless metal casing. Concealed beneath the case are two coils wrapped around carbon steel blades with a powerful ceramic magnet. The blades allow the pickup to be used with string spans of up to 54mm. Fully wax potted with the casing grounded to the base plate to eliminate hum and unwanted microphonics.
DC resistance is an average 7 k-ohm , however more importantly the inductance is 3.5 Henry so is roughly equivalent to the power of Gibson 490 (3.8H) or DiMarzio HS-3 (3.6H). Its a perfect pickup for blues and vintage rock sounds.
The frequency response chart, measured on our Pickup Analyzer, shows the response curve of our Firebuckers. The analysis was taken using 2 500k pots and a 470pF tone capacitor in the circuit so gives an indication of the voice of the pickup when installed in your guitar.
Four output wire harness to enable a variety of tonal options. If you wire these up with one of our on-on-on 3 position mini toggle switches you can get series, parallel and single coil options from the installtion of one simple switch.
These pickups sound as good as those that cost many times this price.  Suitable for all types of music with a rocky heavier side from blues through to full on metal.
Warman pickups use ceramic magnets as these are even brighter than Alnico V or III, and in higher output pickups to help counterbalance the treble lost by the higher resistance (remember higher resistance means more midrange, but less highs).
Weight of the each is approx. 150g