Destroyer 12 pole 15k Neck Humbucker pickup in white


Warman Destroyer Super HOT overwound 12 pole neck humbucker pickup in white

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Warman Destroyer Super HOT overwound 12 pole neck humbucker pickup in white – one mean pickup with a very black heart. This listing is for the neck position version
The Warman Destroyer super hot overwound 12 pole humbucker is another insanely powerful bridge pickup that has joined our ever growing force of high end guitar pickups. White bobbins with super over wound twin coils topped by 12 adjustable satin black hex screw pole pieces that produce  a unique tone with masses of bottom end and super warm mids with no loss of highs.
4 way wiring enables you to use it either as a powerful single coil, or wire both coils together either in series or parallel to let loose total power.
Its wound to 15k which a slightly lower power magnet than we would normally use in such a hot winding that warms the sound at  7.0 Henries and is designed to be used in the neck position. The lower magnetic field produces warm clean tones that compliment the bridge pickup perfectly.
This is the pickup now favoured by Robb Weir of Tygers of PanTang for his main lead guitar work and also Harwood of A Thousand Enemies.
The Destroyer is a very versatile pickup suited to everything from raging metal to warm back water blues and being coil tapped will sing with sweet clarity and chime.
To give you some idea of the power of the pickups a DiMarzio ( TM ) Dual sound pickup with the coils in series, i.e at its most powerful setting, has an inductance of 6.4 Henry and an EMG-Select SEHG has an inductance of 4.2 Henry.
If you are comparing Warman Guitars pickups to others for sale then please bear in mind we are one of the few sellers that actually builds guitars ourselves. We have seriously researched the performance and specifications of the pickups we sell, and our other guitar parts for that matter, and we truly understand the world of guitar building and hot rodding. If you have questions then please feel free to ask away as we are freindly bunch more than willing to help out on your project and upgrade queries.


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