12 Gauge HOT 12 pole Bridge Humbucking guitar pickup 


12 Gauge HOT 12 pole Neck Humbucking guitar pickup WHITE

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Warman 12 Gauge Super HOT overwound 12 pole humbucker pickup – Bridge position with white bobbins
The Warman 12 Gauge is a truly distinctive humbucker. Brilliant white super over wound twin coils topped by massive 9mm over sized satin black hex screw pole pieces that produce a huge magnetic field resulting in a unique tone with masses of bottom end and mids with no loss of highs. This is the bridge version to match and compliment the 12 Gauge neck humbucker
4 way wiring enables you to use it either as a powerful single coil in 6 gauge mode, or wire both coils together either in series or parallel to let loose with both barrels.
Its wound to 12.82k which produces a very warm 9.02 Henries of inductance ( power ) and is wound to be the matched twin of the bridge version to provide a true balance across the two pickups when used together. The resonant curve of the pickup shows some interesting eddy currents in the low and mid ranges with a peak response of 9166 kHz which balances off the mellower tone you get from the strings oscillating over a wider arc at the neck position.
To give you some idea of the power of the pickups a DiMarzio ( TM ) Dual sound pickup with the coils in series, i.e at its most powerful setting, has an inductance of 6.4 Henry and an EMG-Select SEHG has an inductance of 4.2 Henry.