HBP90 matched pair. P90 voiced humbucker sized retrofit pickups


A pair of brand new high quality matched Warman HBP90 pickups

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A pair of brand new high quality matched Warman HBP90 pickups. Humbucker sized P90 retrofit guitar pickups. Please note although the phots show them in mounting rings this is for artistic reasons, the mount rings are not included but height screws and springs are included.
Josi again has been working away at expanding the range Warman Guitars has to offer and has come up with a fantastic humbucker sized P90 that is a straight drop in fit to your existing humbucker mount rings so you can have the clarity and big fat single coil sound with the minimum of modifications. And because you are buying direct we are able to do a matched pair for around the same price as others are offering one for.
A bright chrome metal housing surrounds the black pickup face with six adjustable pole pieces. The neck has a string span of 50mm across the poles and the bridge measures 52mm across the pole pieces.
The factory quotes the resistance as 8k on both units however Josi has put our own meter across them and found that the bridge measure 8k with an inductance of 4H and the neck measures slightly lower at 7.5k and 3.7H inductance.
You can also see the frequency response graph plotted for the HBP90. Please note the slight eddy current effect in the pickup happening just before the main super elevation of its main frequency peak. This graph helps explain a little what makes so many players just Love the tone of our HBP90.
Both come with nice long leads for wiring up LP and SG style and are supplied with height springs and screws.
These 90’s are opposed wound so that when you are using both together they operate in hum cancelling / humbucking mode.
These get the most fantastic reviews from guitarists of all genre and have been used to ‘lift’ many an expensive guitar that is lacking in tone and clarity. Have a check around the various guitar forums to see what players have to say about these rather than just take our word for it. For a sound clip of theses then check YouTube for the guitar steve24bus had from us – The Ace of Spades guitar – as a pair of these are fitted into it. There are also various other YouTube videos posted by our customers that showcase these and others of our pickups.
If you are comparing Warman Guitars pickups to others for sale then please bear in mind we are one of the few sellers that actually builds guitars ourselves. We are, I believe, the only trader who quotes the actual Inductance of our pickups, rather than sticking to the plain old resistance value and we are the only ones able to measure and publish the frequency response charts of the actual voice of the pickup. We have seriously researched the performance and specifications of the pickups we sell, and our other guitar parts for that matter, and we truly understand the world of guitar building and hot rodding. If you have questions then please feel free to ask away as we are friendly bunch more than willing to help out on your project and upgrade queries.


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