Warman Texas Trinity. Noiseless stacked bridge position 4 wire special – White


Warman Texas Trinity twin coil stacked 4 wire bridge position pickup in white

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Warman Texas Trinity twin coil stacked 4 wire bridge position pickup in white. Supplied with height adjustment screws and springs.
Now you can get 3 distinct tones from a standard looking Strat type bridge single coil. Introduced in November 2018 this pickup is a stacked coil design with upper and lower coils opposed wound. Each coil has its own positive and negative leads and gives a variety of wiring options for varied tonal outputs. The wire colours follow our standard format for our 4 wire humbuckers.
Its fitted with equal height steel slugs and a high quality ceramic base magnet is used to ensure the magnetic field properly saturates the upper coil when its being used on its own. Both coils are copper shielded with the shield tape wired into the grounding circuit on the bare wire. The complete pickup has been wax potted as can be seen in the stripped down shot above.
If you want to keep your Strat type guitar looking standard you could just wire this up with a push pull pot to give you either series / parallel wiring of the twin coils, or alternatively you could have both coils in series with the push pull operating to cut the lower coil from the signal path.
If you want to get a bit more complicated and don’t mind adding in one of our on-on-on 3 position mini switches you can have the option of wiring the coils as both in series, both in parallel of cutting the bottom coil out of the signal path. That’ll give you 3 distinct tones out of this bridge pickup ( hence its name of Trinity )
Here comes the techie stuff………………………
Lower coil ( coil 1 ) wound anti-clockwise to approx. 3.31 kOhm with an inductance of 1.45 Henries. Negative ( start ) lead is black. Positive ( finish ) lead is white.
Upper coil ( coil 2 ) wound clockwise to approx 3.31 kOhm, 1.45 Henries. Negative ( start ) lead is red. Positive ( finish ) lead is green.
The pickup leave where with both coils wired in series ( the red and white wires are pre-soldered together ) giving a total winding resistance of approx 6.63 kOhm and a total output of around 4.47 Henries.
To wire it up in standard noiseless mode then connect the black and bare wire to a common ground point, usually that is either the switch casing or back of one of the pots. Leave the red and white wires connected together, wrap some insulation tape around the joint to protect against accidental short circuits. Connect the green wire to the bridge pin of your selector switch.
You may want to check how the Texas Trinity’s magnetic polarity works with your existing mid pickup. To do so is quite easy. Hold the face of the new Trinity against the face of your existing mid position pickup. The two pickups should attract to each other which means they are magnetically opposed.
PLEASE NOTE. The wires inside this pickup are extremely delicate. If you remove the plastic casing there is a high probability that you will sever a winding on the internal coils where the upper coil wires run down to the baseplate connection points. The potting wax holds everything, including the cover, in place, making sure nothing untoward happens to the windings. If you disturb it you WILL kill the coil windings. So no matter how curious you are about whats going on inside do not take it apart to have a look as you will damage it and will invalidate any warranty or guarantee and the damage caused by removing the cover is obvious upon inspection.


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