Warman G-rail Hybrid pickup


Warman G-rail in black

Warman G-rail Hybrid pickup


Revolutionary triple coil design with 6 wire output for maximum tonal combinations


More tones than you can shake a plectrum at

Warman G-rail triple coil electric guitar pickup – A very special pickup indeed. 3 coils, 6 wire output, ceramic and alnico magnets and more wiring options than even we can think of.

This is a standard humbucker sized unit that will fit in place of any humbucker. It has two coils wound as hot rails with a strong ceramic magnet powering these that lifts the treble whilst retaining all the power, bass and mids. Each of the coils of the rail has its own individual output wires so is in effect a fully fledged twin rail humbucker in its own right. Mounted on the same chassis is an another coil wound with 6 individual alnico magnets again with its own output wires so we’re looking at three coils and six output wires plus the shield.

Each of the rails has a resistance of 7.39k and due to the strong magent has an inductance of 4H, when wired together in series gives a combined resistance of 14.76k, which is to be expected, but the powers jumps up to 10.7H more than twice the sum of the individual coil outputs . The alnico coil has a resistance of 6.48k and an inductance of 3.35H on its own. Now this is where things start to get interesting. Put all 3 coils wired into each other in series and the thing turns into a Monster at 21.2k and a massive output of 14.9H.

There are so many possible ways to wire this up for ultimate tonal options. You could be a bit boring and wire it a little like a strat on a 5 way switch to get one rail on its own, both rails together, middle rail on its own, middle rail plus alnico coil together or single alnico coil on its own. Or simpler still stick it in a Fat Strat bridge, use a 3 way switch and have a full on rail humbucker on its own, a rail humbucker and a sweet vintage alnico coil together, or the alnico coil on its own.

My own peronal test one is wired to produce ten individual tones from one pickup with a few 3 position on-on-on DPDT switches wired in, check our listings as we sell these hard to find switches at incredibly low prices too. You can download some wiring ideas and the pickup specs from our website

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Q: I am looking for the wiring diagrams on your website. Viz: the Dominator. Can you help me out please? Thanks.
— Asked by Annie on 13th March 2016

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Q: Are these pickups wax potted and what magnet is used in them or are they ceramic??
— Asked by Andrew on 4th April 2016
A: All our pickups from the lowest to the highest proce ones are either wax or resin potted to avoid unwanted microphonic feed back. We use high quality ceramic magnets in these pickups as they are manufactured to a far more consistent standard than Alnico
— http://warman-guitars
Q: Is an active or passive pick up? Thank you.
— Asked by Cosimo Frisenna on 21st April 2016

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Q: How long does it take to ship
— Asked by Tamara on 21st April 2016

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Q: Can I mount this on a ephiphone les paul standard?
— Asked by Marco on 27th July 2016

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