Lil’ Black Devils. Matched pair of humbucking pickups. 11.5 kOhm


Warman Lil’ Black Devils pickups 11k hot humbuckers 4 wire – brand new supplied with  springs and screws.

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Warman Lil’ Black Devils pickups – brand new supplied with  springs and screws.
Warman Lil’ Black Devils are a hot overwound 4 wire humbucker, that can be coil tapped or wired in a variety of tonal combinations. Solid steel slug poles contact the high quality ceramic magnets and provide rich clear tones with an extreme amount of warmth, power and presence.
Bridge – Bridge pick up is a powerful 11.83 kOhms with a very healthy 6.66 Henries inductance. Overall string spacing is 52mm which gives 10.3mm between the solid pole pieces.
Neck– Neck pick up is a matched 11.57 kOhms and slightly lower inductance of 6.5 Henries.  String spacing on this pickup is overall 50mm. To save you grabbing a calculator thats’ 10mm between the pole pieces.


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