High quality miniature – micro cabinet / luthiers scraper 4 piece set


High quality miniature – micro cabinet / luthiers scraper 4 piece set

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Lynx High quality combination cabinet micro / miniature scraper set, gives the perfect finish on very fine detailed of small work for Luthiers, instrument builders and model makers. These micro scraper are made for us by the same people who make our high quality full size cabinet scrapers.
The Lynx Scraper Sets are one of our most popular products and another “must” for luthiers or indeed any woodworker. Made from stiff carbon steel (saw steel) these are used to scrape along wood to give a smooth finish. One of the simplest products that work wonders!
The Micro scrapers give a much finer finish to the timber than can be achieved with even the finest grit abrasive papers and as every guitar builder knows the better and finer finish on the timber before any lacquer or oil is applied makes for a better and easier finishing process.
The Shaped Set contains:
1 x Concave / Convex Scraper
1 x Gooseneck Scraper
1 x Oval Curved Scraper
1 x Flat Scraper with micro bead scraper inset
The scraper set has been photographed alongside a metric rule so that you can judge their size.
These are supplied ready to use but can be re-sharpened with use of a burnisher (available separately to special request).
Key Features:
* Sharp edge to scrape along surfaces with ease
* Burr can be put back on to keep sharp by using a Burnisher
* Various shapes for various areas as per your requirement
* For highly detailed or miniature woodworking