High quality fret slotting luthiers saw, 0.022″ kerf guitar saw.


High quality fret slotting luthiers saw, 0.022″ kerf guitar saw.

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PAX 10 inch Guitar / Fret slotting saw
High quality frett slotting luthiers / guitar saw. 16 teeth per inch with a 0.022″ kerf (blade cutting width)
made to the highest standards by reknowned Sheffield based Thomas Flinn and Co. Established in 1923, they remain as the UK’s only traditional saw maker, so they have to have been doing it perfectly for a very long time. This is a true professional craftsmans tool.
The PAX 10″ guitar saw has, you’ve guessed it, a 10″ blade made of high quality steel with a bright finished brass stiffener rail backbone coupled to a Rosewood handle as has been specially designed for cutting guitar and other stringed instrument fret slots. The saw has two holes in the blade enabling you attach your own design of depth stop directly to the saw. Best results will be achieved if he saw is regularly sharpened and a small amount of oil is applied afer use.
Key Features:
* Holes in Blade for Depth Measuring Gauge ( not supplied )
* Walnut Handle with Brass Ferrule
* Mirror Polished Brass Back
* Etched with PAX logo
* Packed in Blister with Back Card
* Can be re-sharpened