Dominator. Bridge Quad Rail Dual humbucker. wound 14.88k 11.51 Henries


Warman Dominator Quad Hot Rail Humbucking Pickup. 4 coils, 4 blades and 4 way wiring. Bridge position.

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Warman Dominator Quad Hot Rail Humbucking Pickup. 4 coils, 4 blades and 4 way wiring. Bridge position only.
High end replacement humbucking pickup putting out a huge 11.51 Henries and measuring a resistance of 14.88k this is one of our most powerful upgrade pickups. Current production run has black rails
Basically its two humbuckers stacked side by side onto a Circuit Board mounting to ensure optimum connections and rigidity. You can see the PCB mount in the photo . Four coils side by side produce a huge amount of power and tone with no loss of mids or highs with ooddles of bottom end. If you want to hear what they sound like then search on YouTube for Luke Harwood and his Warbird guitar that we made for him with one of these in the bridge position.
Our own unique 4 way wire output enables you to wire it up as a single humbucker, or unleash all four coils either in series or parallel for some serious tonal options, we even sell the DPDT 3 way on-on-on switch that enables you to do this.
Being a blade type pickup it can be used on a wide variety of string spans, including a bass, we’ve even had a customer fit them to a 17th Century Clavichord and in either bridge, mid or neck position as the blades are 62mm wide. Unlike normal humbuckers which use just the one magnet the Warman Dominator has two of the little beasties embedded to give a huge magnetic field for the coils to pick up. Consequently the pole, from left to right run as North, South, North, South.
Wire colours are the sam was our standard humbuckers
coil bank 1, black is negative, white is positive
coil bank 2, red is negative, green is positive
Please note that when you ‘coil tap’ this you are only cutting out one half of the pickup and will be left with a dual rail humbucker operating.
You’ll be in good company playing this pickup as we have supplied one to Randy Piper, co-founder of famed American rockers W.A.S.P, Its now residing in his fabulous Cadillac guitar built by Neil Moser ( of BC Rich fame )
Please note that the photo shows the Dominator view from the face and we have upturned another to show you the PCB BUT this listing is for one pickup. The underside view is for illustration only.


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