Phase reversal switch

Suitable for either single coil or humbucking pickups.
Double Pole Double Throw ( DPDT ) switch wired for phase reversal.
Diagram shows the view from underside of the switch body.


An easy modification to get more tones out of your pickups is to wire in a phase reversal switch.
This basically swaps over the signals from your hot and ground wire.  Normally a pair of pickups are wired
“in phase” where they work in tandem and add to each others  signal. When you reverse this signal they
start to work against each other “ out of phase” and produce a thinner more trebly tone..

The further the pickup coils are away from each other the better, so this works best for neck and bridge
positions. If you tried to do it on the two coils on the same humbucker, putting them out of phase with
each other all you would acheive is a very thin, cancelled signal with a massive volume drop. Only one of
the pickups needs to be wired with a phase revesal switch, wiring two pickups this way would acheive
nothing as reversing the signal on both pickups would put them back in phase,
end result – zilch tone change.

Its a fairly easy wiring job. First solder the two criss cross wires. Next solder the leads from your pickup
to the two end pins of the switch. Finish off by soldering your output wires to the two pinsin the
Job Done !

Cheers The Warman