3 tones from a Humbucker.

Only suitable for a 4 wire output pickup.
Produces three tones from one humbucking pickup, both coils in series, coil cut to single coil
and both coils in parallel. Uses a Double Pole Double Throw ( DPDT ) 3 position on / on / on switch.

This is my personal favourite way of wiring humbuckers as its so versatile. have one bridge and one neck
wired this way, throw in a phase reversal switch into either the bridge or neck output wires and you have
more tones out of one guitar than you can shake a ( drum ? ) stick at 🙂

General wire codes on Warman 4 wire humbuckers

Bare wire is overall ground / earth
Black wire is coil 1 start / negative
White wire is coil 1 finish / positive
Red wire is coil 2 start / negative
Green wire is coil 2 finish / positive