Warman Texas Specials. Black Single coil scatter wound pickup set. Left or right handed.


Warman Texas Specials. Black Single coil scatter wound pickup set. Left or right handed.


Brand new set of three white single coil ‘special wind” pick-ups for Strat style guitars or as we call them Warman Texas Triple Hots

Brand new set of three black single coil scatter wound pick-ups for Strat style guitars.
Flat pole pieces and no trapezoid bases mean these pickups are suitable for left and right handed guitars.
Supplied with screws and springs for fixing. All coils are wax potted as can be seen in the last photo.
Although similar to our popular Texas Triple Hots, these are a single coil design these are scatter wound and calibrated with the magnetic field to produce double the output inductance of regular single coils with each set of pickups having its own unique flavour. This special winding also has the added advantage of keeping the Ohms roughly the same as a vintage wound single coil.
Further down the page I’ve listed the actual specs. please note our brand labelling has changed to a flat printed white which differs slightly from the photo as shown.
Each pickup is designed for a specific location to match up with the increasing width between strings and produces the ideal power for that tonal position. The mid position pickup is reverse wound and opposed magentic polarity to ensure true hum cancelling properties in switch positions 2 and 4. All pickups are wax potted to reduce unwanted noise.
Dimensions etc are stated below and output wire colour may differ from those in the picture.
Neck Pickup. String span is 50mm mm, with the pole pieces 10 mm apart. Resistance is 5.52-5.54  k-ohm. Inductance is is 3.1 – 3.17H compared to our standard wound coils which produce 1.98 Henry yet have the same resistance. South pole is facing up.
Middle Pickup. String span is 50mm with the pole pieces 10mm apart. Resistance is 5.1-5.52 k-ohm. Inductance is 3 – 3.2 Henry. Reverse wound and opposed magnetic polarity, North pole faces up.
Bridge Pickup. String span is 52mm with the pole pieces 10.4mm apart. Resistance is 5.97-6.1 k-ohm. Inductance is 3.72 – 3.77H as opposed to our standard wind of 2.61 Henry. South pole faces up.
To give you some idea and comparison of their power a US-Strat ( 72 ) has an inductance of 2.2 Henry on the bridge and a noiseless Strat of around 2.5 Henry so expect these pickups to have a fuller sound with increased mid and lows whilst retaining the clarity and bright tone of the trebles as you would expect from single coils.
Warman pickups use ceramic magnets as these are even brighter than Alnico V or III, and in higher output pickups help to counterbalance the treble lost by the higher resistance (remember higher resistance means more midrange, but less highs).
Don’t just take our word for it how great these pickups are and sound. Here’s what one of our customers Mariu Oosthuizen from South Africa had to say about them.
Hi Josi
I have installed the Warman texas pups I bought from you. I compared your Warman texas pups with my US Strat with Texas specials, and with a hand made strat with MIJ pups, and with Fender modern Noiseless pups.
Here is my comments;
1) The Warman pups have a higher volume output than the Fender texas specials. This surprised me a bit.
2) The Warman pups have a similar volume output than the Fender noiseless pups.
3) The Warman pups have the correct string spacing for a US Strat, as the pole pieces are directly beneath the strings, creating a true, natural and balanced sound. This is unlike the Fender texas specials, where the pole pieces are all over the show, at least on a MIA Standard Strat, resulting in poor sound. This causes uneven volume across the different strings, which is undesireble. To solve this with the modern US standard 2 point bridge is almost impossible. The pole piece spacing on the Warman pups was the first thing attracting me to them.
4) The Fender noiseless pups have the correct pole piece spacing like your Warman pups.
5) The balance of the Warman pups in any of the 5 positions (using the 5way switch) is by far superior to any of the other pups. In fact when comparing the 5 options it became clear that the Warman pups not only had the best balance, but sounded way better than the other pups. Normaly the bridge position is too bright, but the Warman pups have a nice balance in all positions. Another problem with the Fender pups was that positions 2 and 4 had too little treble, again the Warman pups sounded better.
Overall I rate the Warmans the best by far, then the Noiseless pups, and last the Texas specials. The US standard pups has the same problems than the texas specials in that the pole piece spacing is all wrong.
As to why these Warman pups sounds so great I dont know. Can you explain this? They appear very well made, but I would be surprised if you tell me that they were not made in Asia somwhere.
This was the best purchase I ever made as far as pups are concerned. Being able to compare it to so many pups shows you that I bought several sets, and until now were disappointed.
Another great thing about your Warman pups are that they are much cheaper than the other pups i tried.
Thanks for ending my search for great pups.
While you have your soldering iron out then you might want to math it up with one of our new 5 way switches.
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Q: Are these pickups wax potted and what magnet is used in them or are they ceramic??
— Asked by Andrew on 4th April 2016
A: All our pickups from the lowest to the highest proce ones are either wax or resin potted to avoid unwanted microphonic feed back. We use high quality ceramic magnets in these pickups as they are manufactured to a far more consistent standard than Alnico
— http://warman-guitars
Q: Is an active or passive pick up? Thank you.
— Asked by Cosimo Frisenna on 21st April 2016

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