MM 4 string bass humbucker. 13.2k 4 wire overwound


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MM 4 string bass humbucker. 13.2k 4 wire overwound


Jimmy Lloyd Rea signature 4 string MM bassbucker.

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The favourite bass bucker of The Late Jimmy Loyd Rea, who is in the Blues Hall of Fame and has played with the likes of BB KIng, Muddy Waters etc so when it comes to a great sounding bass he really knew his thing.
This pickup has a resistance of 13.2 kOhm but more importantly puts out a massive 9.19 Henries of inductance, the true measure of the the power of a pickup.
Unlike a lot of heavily over wound pickups, both bass and guitar, by careful winding and magnet matching the pickup has wonderful low frequency responses without sounding dull and lifeless. If you have a look at the frequency response chart shown you can see how it is very easy to exactly tune the level of bass you are after by using various tone capacitor values so that you get that extreme bass punch right in the chosen frequency ranges. The thicker blue line, on the right, shows the pickup with no tone capacitor in the circuit whereas the thinner left hand curve shows it with a 680 pF capacitor which shifts it’s maximum frequency response right down to the 2 kHertz range so you get an almighty thumping bass line at these lower frequencies.
The chart shows the response of the pickup with both humbucking coils wired in series but as this is a 4 wire output harness pickup you can switch it from series to parallel or coil cut it down to a single coil mode which will enahance its treble responses.
The wiring harness colour codes go like this.
Black = start / negative of coil 1
White = finish / positive of coil 1
Red = start / negative of coil 2
Green = finish / positive of coil 2
The pickup comes pre-wired in series with the red and white wires, that link the two coil banks, ready joined. The pickup is also wax potted, resin sealed and supplied with mounting screws.
Physical measurements are as follows.
Overall size, excluding the 3 mount holes is 90mm x 48mm and 20mm overall depth.
Overall string span is 58mm across the centres of the non adjustable 10mm diameter pole slugs so the string spacing is approximately 19mm
Warman truly understand electric guitars, and more importantly truly understand our products we are not just another eBay shop flogging guitar bits. I believe we are the only company on eBay who has the ability to analyse and publish the specifications of our pickups, in fact most of the major manufacturers don’t even publish the inductance ( power ) of their pickups let alone the frequency response of them . We don’t simply leave you guessing as to their sound by telling you the resistance – this will give you no indication of the voice of the pickups, we give you the full info, either here in the eBay listing or there is an increasingly wide information section growing on our own website.
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Q: Are these pickups wax potted and what magnet is used in them or are they ceramic??
— Asked by Andrew on 4th April 2016
A: All our pickups from the lowest to the highest proce ones are either wax or resin potted to avoid unwanted microphonic feed back. We use high quality ceramic magnets in these pickups as they are manufactured to a far more consistent standard than Alnico
— http://warman-guitars
Q: Is an active or passive pick up? Thank you.
— Asked by Cosimo Frisenna on 21st April 2016

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