Destroyer in white


Destroyer in white


Warman Destroyer Super HOT overwound 12 pole humbucker pickup – one mean pickup with a very black heart.



The Warman Destroyer,  super hot overwound 12 pole humbucker is another insanely powerful bridge pickup that has joined our ever growing force of high end guitar pickups. Virginal white bobbins with super over wound twin coils topped by 12 adjustable satin black hex screw pole pieces that produce  a unique tone with masses of bottom end and super warm mids with no loss of highs.
4 way wiring enables you to use it either as a powerful single coil, or wire both coils together either in series or parallel to let loose total power.

Bridge is wound to 16.29 k which a slightly lower power magnet that warms the sound at  7.03 Henries & has silver coloured hex screws.

Neck is wound to 15.11 k with an inductance of 6.43 Henries.

This is the pickup now favoured by Robb Weir of Tygers of PanTang for his main lead guitar work.

The Destroyer is a very versatile pickup suited to everything from raging metal to warm back water blues and being coil tapped will sing with sweet clarity and chime.


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Q: Are these pickups wax potted and what magnet is used in them or are they ceramic??
— Asked by Andrew on 4th April 2016
A: All our pickups from the lowest to the highest proce ones are either wax or resin potted to avoid unwanted microphonic feed back. We use high quality ceramic magnets in these pickups as they are manufactured to a far more consistent standard than Alnico
— http://warman-guitars
Q: Is an active or passive pick up? Thank you.
— Asked by Cosimo Frisenna on 21st April 2016

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Q: How long does it take to ship
— Asked by Tamara on 21st April 2016

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Q: Can I mount this on a ephiphone les paul standard?
— Asked by Marco on 27th July 2016

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