Chrome Locking Machine Heads / Tuners, 6 inline for right handed guitars


Chrome Locking Machine Heads / Tuners, 6 inline for right handed guitars


A set of six high quality post locking machine heads / tuners for 6 inline headstock right handed guitars.

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Please see the dimensioned sketch in the picture for measurements of the heads, washers and bushings.
These high quality 19:1 ratio tuners are the same ones we use on our guitar builds. Please see our website to verify this. Having genuinley used these on our own builds we can confirm they are a very stable tuning head that allows for precise and accurate tuning with no back lash. The locking mechanism on the back of the main housing ensures a very accurate fixing of the string into the head to prevent string slippage in a proper gigging environment.
The set of 6 machine heads  comes supplied with the surface washer, threaded bushing and locating screw
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Q: Are these pickups wax potted and what magnet is used in them or are they ceramic??
— Asked by Andrew on 4th April 2016
A: All our pickups from the lowest to the highest proce ones are either wax or resin potted to avoid unwanted microphonic feed back. We use high quality ceramic magnets in these pickups as they are manufactured to a far more consistent standard than Alnico
— http://warman-guitars
Q: Is an active or passive pick up? Thank you.
— Asked by Cosimo Frisenna on 21st April 2016

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