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Welcome to Warman Guitars. Quality guitar parts at affordable prices.

Why spend more on upgrading your guitar than you have to. Incredible tone to suit every budget

At Warman Guitars we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality guitar parts at truly affordable prices. With the increase in the internet as a way of buying products, guitarists from all over the world are now able to benefit from Warmanizing their guitar, finding their own incredible tone, at a fraction of the price it would have cost them in the past.

Can’t decide between which pickups to have ? No Problem ! with Warmans realistic pricing you can now afford to try 2 or 3 sets for the same money as you have paid in the past for a single set from our competitors.

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Warman Guitars Players Tygers of Pan Tang Josi would personally like to thank Robb Weir and the guys for keeping classic British Heavy metal alive and kicking. Jimmy Lloyd ReaLegendary blues bassist and member of the Blues Hall of Fame, Mr Jimmy Lloyd Rea uses our MM Bass humbuckers Ginger WildheartWildhearts frontman and all round

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Jesse White shredding on a Vintage Gibson Explorer customized and upgraded by S & K Custom Strings with Warman Guitars pickups and Gotoh locking tuners and Schaller roller bridge. ...

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Hi, stupid question time. Are all your pickups new or used? The ones on your website look like they are used? Cheers, Mark ...

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Just finished a Custom JS using a Perle Guitars JS body in hard ash, an Ibanez Premium RG 970 neck ( yes the body is cut for 24 fret necks) a Schaller 456 tail piece, and Warman Guitars Destroyers for a vintage metal sound. What a guitar, it sustains forever. The client wanted a solid neck so it was a challenge to get the neck and body blended. I changed the veneer on the head stock to match the body. ...

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I recently fitted a pair of Warman Guitars pickups in an ESP Guitars LTD EC-256, on behalf of Junction Music . I was so impressed with the tone, i thought it was worth a video :) ...

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I'm always partial to Teles :-) ...

My CUSTOM PAISLEY TELECASTER with WARMAN PICKUPS.. I have to say these are the best cheap priced pickups I have ever heard.. really good value..this guitar may be gracing the stage soon...many thanks.

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